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Permanent Hair Removal

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Home Laser Hair Remover
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Voltage: 220V & 110V

The Home Laser uses innovative “Target-and-Treat” technology to pinpoint individual hairs sending a laser beam to the hair follicle with enough energy to destroy the root without affecting the surrounding area. The treatment takes just 4 seconds and results in permanent hair reduction.

With the Home Laser you can now enjoy the benefits of permanent hair reduction without paying for expensive salon treatments. Home laser hair removal is suitable for most areas including facial hair, underarms, arms, legs and bikini line.

This process is known as photothermolysis.
Laser Hair Removal technology actually destroys the hair root giving permanent hair reduction.


Lasers deliver an intense beam of light which are made up of a single wavelength or colour. Skin is essentially transparent to light with a wavelength of 808 (nano meters), while melanin containing structures will absorb laser energy of this wavelength. It is therefore possible to target the hair follicle that has a concentration of melanin without affecting the surrounding area.

The light energy absorbed by the melanin pigment results in the rapid heating up of the hair follicle. This heat destroys the cells (papilla) responsible for hair growth. If adequate heating is achieved, then the follicle is permanently disabled resulting in a permanent reduction in hair growth.

Melanin in the epidermis also absorbs the energy and limits the depth of penetration of the laser light into the skin. Using a light wavelength of 808nm enables treatment of relatively dark skin as well as fair-skinned types. However, laser hair treatment is not suitable for Afro Caribbean or black skin complexions. Laser treatment is also ineffective in removal of white, blond, red or grey hair. Electrolysis should be considered as an alternative treatment.

• The unit must be unlocked using a key.
• A security button sequence is required to activate the unit, this can be found in the information guide.
• The laser will only operate if both touch pins are in contact with the skin.
• The laser is also shielded to avoid any risk from reflected light.
• When moving the Wand to the next area, ensure the Touch Pins are briefly lifted off the skin to allow the laser to reset.
• Treat each area only once in each session.


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